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GDF modular pattern track beam expansion and contraction installation
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GDF modular pattern track beam expansion and contraction installation

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Structure characteristics

1, the expansion and contraction of the components between the use of bolt connection, maintenance, installation is more convenient.

Any type of expansion device in its operation process, will be because of various factors to maintenance and maintenance. The design of expansion joint fully consider this point, even after years of use, the telescopic device components is easy to repair, replacement.

2, independent displacement control and load transmission system

As the beam and the displacement direction of transmission impact load in parallel, this design can avoid the other subjected to additional loads, displacement independent control system can be applied to any conditions of use. If the single gap is prevented from shrinking, the other group is not affected by the gap still can continue to use.

3, the supporting beam of the telescopic device is supported by the ball bearing.

The spherical bearing is adopted to support the cross beam, so that the three-dimensional rotation of the beam can be effectively satisfied.

4, the telescopic device is based on the elastic support system design

The elastic supporting block preloading in any case, ensure the impact under traffic impact and vibration force are absorbed by the elastic damping block, which can effectively protect the joints and the surrounding structures. Therefore, all the components of life will be greatly extended, traffic noise is small.

5, the bearing load of the beam using extrusion, if the use of welded forming in the beam, very easy to produce fatigue break.

6, the structure scheme is easy to be made into a large displacement expansion device, and can meet the needs of large rotating angle.

7, the shape and surface oriented set noise reduction plate, vehicle seamless transition, can effectively reduce the noise by the vehicle, reducing the impact of a telescopic device and a beam through the vehicle. The test indicates that the installation of the expansion device, noise reduction plate can reduce the noise when the vehicle passes through the expansion joint of 70%.

performance parameter

1, vertical rotation angle: + 0.06rad

2, lateral rotation angle: + / - 0.06rad

3, the maximum displacement: 600mm

4, the design load maximum axle load: 110kN

5, checking the fatigue strength of axle load: 90kN

6, vehicle lateral load: 27.5kN

7, vehicle traction and braking force: 16.5kN

8, design speed: maximum speed 75km/h

9, the design reference temperature 20 degrees C, range from C to -10 system temperature degrees +60 degrees C.

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