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BEJ bridge expansion and contraction installation
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BEJ bridge expansion and contraction installation

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brief introduction

BEJ telescopic device is a product of our company in cooperation with British breforth company, which introduces its production and installation technology and is made in China.

BEJ expansion device is a mechanical system composed of two steel beams embedded with waterproof rubber strips. The mixture of bonding bridge and expansion device can be cured quickly and has appropriate elasticity. This mixture is called "britflex" resin.

Because there is no need to embed the connection bar, the resin can be firmly bonded to the structure of the bridge expansion device, BEJ is especially suitable for thin beam structure and old joint transformation. From the ancient Tower Bridge of London, to the most modern tunnel across the English Channel interface bridge using BEJ resin bonded expansion device.

Performance characteristics

1, the connection mode of the BEJ expansion device and the beam body is bonded, and no need to modify the beam structure, nor any anchor reinforcement.

2, BEJ bonding resin in the installation can quickly bond curing, after the installation of three hours, you can open the traffic.

3, BEJ bond resin has a very high softening temperature, even in the hot summer will not soften.

4, BEJ has a wide range of adhesive resin bonding and high bonding strength, steel structure bridge, concrete bridge can be firmly bonded with expansion joints, expansion joints and BEJ by testing the adhesive surface of the shear strength of concrete is greater than the strength of concrete.

5, BEJ bond resin with high elasticity, in the bond with different materials will not shrink after cracking.

6, BEJ bond resin mixture has a very high hardness, and very wear-resistant.

7, the structure of the BEJ telescopic device is small, the installation depth of 60 ~ 70mm, and the thickness of the bridge deck pavement is equivalent, especially for thin walled beam body level of the transformation of the old.

Technology advantage

The bridge design - convenience

The bridge slot design do not need to set aside the anchor bar, pouring also do not need to set the anti crack reinforcement net, its structural height is only 60~70mm, width of 100~160mm, the structure is especially suitable for the light body.BEJ thin-walled beam joints of the color can be a good match with the same color color pavement, pavement appearance.

The construction is convenient, high efficiency

BEJ expansion joints do not need any anchor reinforcement and its connection, greatly improve the efficiency of construction. Resin mixture casting molding 3 hours, the strength of the resin mixture to achieve the standard strength of more than 90%, you can open the traffic.

The BEJ expansion joint is environmentally friendly products

Any interference caused by.BEJ expansion joint structure of the surrounding small community life or business activities will not be BEJ expansion joint, the vehicle by the noise is small, the key is the wear resistant resin mixture material, shear resistance and impact resistance of the elastic material, it can absorb the vehicle by the noise.

The driving safety and comfort

Due to the small size of the structure of the BEJ expansion joint, the vehicle has no obvious feeling after passing, and the resin mixture can be very good to adapt to the change of the road surface to ensure the smoothness of the road, so as to make the driving safety and comfort.

The maintenance is simple and convenient

Long service life of BEJ expansion joint, in the process of operation requires almost no maintenance and maintenance, the maintenance cost is very low. This device allows clearance inspection or maintenance without interrupting traffic conditions, if due to accidents caused by damaged, within a few hours, can replace or repair the local section after opening to traffic back seam BEJ expansion.

Installation and construction

The beam end notch requirements:

The slot size is accurate, the concrete foundation of notch is firm and reliable, is clean, no dirt, mortar, and keep dry, no water (if there is a fire, the water must be installed).

Heating - resin:

There are two kinds of BEJ resin: basic resin and cured resin.

Base resin and hardening resin using heating furnace (using heat transfer oil) separately from the heating, heating must be careful, uniform; resin temperature reaches the specified value, that is, to stop heating, and to take heat preservation measures.

Installation steps:

Location - beam:

Beam positioning is an important part of the BEJ type expansion joint device, thus placing steel rack and, must comply with the following principles:

(1) beam butt is based on the width of the road surface to butt welding, welding mouth must be polished off, can not have "dead bending".

(2) the width of the two steel beams is determined according to the actual size of the gap between the beam end. The width is the principle that the bottom of the steel beam must have a solid concrete foundation, otherwise the service life of the expansion joint will be seriously affected.

(3) steel straightening is a prerequisite to have solid concrete foundation in ensuring the beam at the bottom, as far as possible to make steel beam Zhishun, such as some places can not meet the above conditions, must adopt the arc transition, transition arc area gap standard is not more than 5mm/1.5m, if more than this value, the beam must be relaxed increase the width or size.

(4) the elevation of steel beam is an important factor that affects the comfort of driving, so it must be as close as possible to the road surface elevation.

- formwork:

With polystyrene board to plug the gap between the end of the beam modeling, the template must be continuous, dense, no gap.

Mixed - two resin:

The base resin and the cured resin which have been heated to a predetermined temperature, gently pour into two separate standard containers, and then pour them into another container, stirring with electricity, until the color is the same.

- notch brush glue

In the clean slot bottom and slot wall, with a quick brush on a thin layer of mixed resin mixture just good; pouring completed BEJ resin mixture at the bottom of the bottom glue must be within two hours after a good brush.

Mixing and pouring the mixture of BEJ resin:

Will aggregate into the mixing pot, with a flame heating, heating and stirring, when the aggregate temperature to the specified temperature, heating have been poured into the resin mixture, stir well to stir evenly, the formation of BEJ resin mixture, pour into the reserved groove, ramming. Casting BEJ resin mixture must be two times so, the bottom surface layer after solidification and then pour in hot ashes, pool can be fair;

The installation of rubber strip:

The surface layer after the completion of 3 hours, more than BEJ resin mixture strength reaches the standard strength 90%, the demolition of vacancy clip, remove two beams between the polystyrene plate and sundries, rubber strip embedded steel groove in the device is installed BEJ expansion joint, can release traffic.

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