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SCF-DX comb-shaped expansion and contraction installation
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SCF-DX comb-shaped expansion and contraction installation

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brief introduction

SCF-DX series expansion joint is developed on the basis of our joint model has the ability of comb more direction change in the original SFC series expansion, suitable for steel bridge and concrete bridge.

Expansion capacity of 0 ~ 3000mm (SCF-DX40 ~ 3000)

Execution standard: < highway bridge expansion device > (723-2008 JT/T)

The use of multi-channel waterproof measures, with excellent waterproof performance

With automatic discharge function, ensure the bridge telescopic flexible

The rigid combination of special structure, smooth and comfortable ride

With multi direction change function, adapt to the bridge beam end three-dimensional change requirements.

Structure composition

SCF-DX series expansion joint tooth plate special design of the hinge seat is fixed on the mounting seat through the mounting seat, anchored in the beam or pier end tooth plate to rotate around the hinge or with the hinge seat in the horizontal direction to meet the mobile bridge in elevation and horizontal plane rotation displacement. The structure shown below:


Working principle:

As shown in the figure, when the size of the tooth plate with both ends of the beam body near or apart, tooth size closure or separated from the tooth plate, so as to realize the telescopic movement joints. Comb seam in the stretching process of gear tooth plate size always maintain the overlapping state, providing a continuous driving surface through the vehicle, thereby reducing the impact of vehicle expansion device, reduce noise, increase the driving comfort.

In addition to the bridge expansion device of horizontal displacement along the direction of travel, or rotate around the hinge tooth plate seat with hinge seat in the horizontal direction to meet the mobile bridge in the horizontal plane and vertical rotational displacement.

The pre pressed block made of rubber or polyurethane materials, its anti fatigue properties and elastic modulus type expansion joint bearing components in the same setting, pre pressing block tooth plate is always close to ensure the beam sliding surface in the working state, and ensure the expansion device in any extreme conditions not to flip.

Specification model

SCF-DX series design of expansion joint expansion amount is 0 ~ 3000mm, size can be determined according to the actual amount of expansion of the bridge, suitable for steel and concrete bridge expansion joints. The series of different bridge for the same displacement, the beam end clearance may be different, the length of the bridge expansion joint in the direction of the size will be different, so reserved the specific size of the series expansion joint to refer to the actual bridge beam end clearance design.

The comb teeth type representation method

The comb teeth type example:
For example: SCF-DX160CR said with multi displacement capacity, expansion capacity of 160mm, with the comb shaped flexible waterproof rubber chloroprene rubber joints.





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