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SSFC bridge expansion and contraction installation
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SSFC bridge expansion and contraction installation

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brief introduction

SSFC series expansion device is my company to bear the national "85" major introduction, digestion, absorption (a dragon) project, the introduction, digestion and absorption of Swiss MAGEBA company patented technology, the development of all domestically produced products.

SSFC series expansion device using the anti fatigue design principle of dynamic design, using the flexible displacement elastic support and independent control system. With the installation of small size, meet the bridge three-dimensional space shift, long service life, comfortable driving, convenient maintenance and other advantages, is widely used in various types of highway bridge, especially suitable for large displacement the suspension bridge, cable-stayed bridge and continuous concrete bridge.

Technology advantage

It can well adapt to the three-dimensional motion of the bridge

As a result of the ball bearing support beams, which can effectively adapt to the bridge due to temperature, load, creep and shrinkage of concrete, earthquake, wind, and other factors caused by the settlement of pier 3D motion, this structure is especially suitable for the floating system bridge based on the design principle.

The structure size relative to other forms of expansion device is greatly reduced, is conducive to the design of bridge structure

The displacement control and load independent transmission system, the supporting box design into a relatively fixed end and a mobile terminal, small size, a larger space for the expansion device and pre embedded around reinforced connection, can effectively improve the anchorage performance of expansion device, convenient bridge structure design.

Transfer system to control displacement and load - independent

As the beam transmission impact load and the main displacement direction is parallel, this design can release its subjected to additional loads other; displacement independent control system has better flexibility and adaptability, if single gap is prevented from shrinking, the other group is not affected by the gap still can continue to use.

- long service life

Based on the principle of anti fatigue design of the whole structure of SSFC expansion device, all the components are subjected to impact loading with high strength bolt connection, and is provided with a locking device, to avoid the welding stress caused by fatigue damage; which contributes to the later maintenance and replacement parts. The elastic bearing preload in any case of vehicle impact load can play a buffer and damping effect, and effectively protect the expansion device of the surrounding structures and support beams so that all parts of the life will be greatly extended.

In addition, the SSFC expansion device uses the parallel beam structure, the moving distance of the bridge is equal to the distance of the sliding structure in the telescopic device, and the life span of the telescopic device is longer than that of the oblique structure 30%~40%.

- earthquake

Due to the elastic displacement control system transfer and load, the elastic element in damping also has good effect on load play a damping effect at the same time, the intensity of the earthquake, between the expansion device and beam body pier or not due to excessive damage caused by rigid connection.

Water - tight

The waterproof rubber belt with multiple prepressing waterproof measures SSFC stretching device, 100% guaranteed not to leak into the expansion device of the substructure and the bridge body.

Working principle

The bridge structure in the wind load, temperature, shrinkage and creep, various internal and external factors, inevitably between girder and girder or beam and pier will produce relative displacement movement, structure characteristics of SSFC series expansion device which has excellent ability to adapt to the change of beam movement.



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