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SSFB bridge expansion and contraction installation
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SSFB bridge expansion and contraction installation

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brief introduction

SSFB series expansion device is a modular expansion device developed by our company and the Academy of Railway Sciences on the basis of SSF series expansion device jointly developed by our company, absorbing foreign advanced technology and organizing our technicians to complete it in 1994. It has been widely used in large and medium-sized bridges at home and abroad. Since it was put on the market, it has been deeply welcomed by the majority of users.

SSFB series expansion device has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple and reliable structure, long service life, installation, convenient maintenance, good compression and tensile properties. Multi joint design selection unit 80mm module, the expansion amount can be selected according to the integer times of 80mm according to the actual needs of the bridge. The single slit expansion mainly consists of three types of 40,60,80, respectively anchor bars of different structures to adapt to all kinds of bridge reserved slot.

SSFB series expansion device is suitable for the design load of straight bridge, highway I load curved bridge, skew bridge, bridge slope and other various types of bridges.

Structure characteristics

1, all types of hot rolling cavity machining, the overall effect is good, resistant to fatigue, impact resistance, and the design of waterproof rubber with a stop.

2, polymer material control spring with high compression (compression and rebound performance (up to 80%) can be recovered immediately after removing the pressure, deformation), but also has high tensile strength, impact elasticity, the longitudinal and transverse deformation characteristics of strong performance. At the same time has the cushioning effect and reduce the noise of the function of the impact force.

3, the elastic force transmission system which is composed of a pressing bearing, a sliding bearing and a control spring can transfer the telescopic force of the bridge component with the minimum displacement resistance to the expansion joint, and the expansion and contraction of each joint is uniform.

4, the waterproof rubber belt produced by the chloride rubber is pressed in the groove of the type steel through special tools, which has the advantages of good water tightness, and can adapt to the change of the structure.

Specification model

Model: SSFB-E.

SSF- expansion joint Chinese letter abbreviation

B- serial code

E- represents the volume size

* - said the same amount of expansion expansion joints under different displacement, currently only 160mm joints are A type, B type, C type.

Specification: SSFB series telescopic device is divided into 40mm, 60mm, 80mm,, 160mm, 240mm, 320mm, 400mm, 480mm, 560mm, 640mm, 720mm,, 800mm a total of twelve levels.

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