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swivel bearings

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Product description
1. Product introduction
The swivel support is composed of upper hinge, lower hinge, positioning frame, pin shaft, spherical wear plate and so on. Applicable to all kinds of overpasses, overpasses, cast-in-place girder on-site protruding construction.
2. Product features
1) The upper hinge adopts the super large spherical surface hard chrome plating process, which improves the high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, and improves the performance of the bearing;
2) The lower hinge of the support adopts the combination of super large spherical surface and spherical wear-resistant plate, so that the inner curve angle is 0.04rad, and it is adapted to the 360 ​​degree angle of the flat curve, and the rotation is flexible;
3) The wear-resistant plate adopts modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, which meets the needs of large bearing capacity and has good wear resistance;
4) The support is not restricted by the operating environment temperature, and has a wide range of applications;
5) The hinge under the support is equipped with vibrating holes to meet the needs of large cubic concrete construction;
6) The pin shaft is used in conjunction with the wear-resistant plate to avoid the phenomenon of "stuck" during the construction of the beam body rotation;
7) It can meet the expected construction of cast-in-place beams of various overpass bridges and overpasses. The crossover line is not closed or interrupted, which has high social and economic benefits.
Three, product application
The swivel bearing strictly implements the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China GB/T 17955-2009 "Technical Conditions for Spherical Bearings", and also refers to the standard budget for structural bearings issued by the European Committee for Standardization CEN/TC 167 Technical Committee in August 1993 Part 7 "Spherical and Column Type PTFE Bearings" and Part 2 "Sliding Parts", British Standard BS 5400 "Steel Bridges, Concrete Bridges and Combined Diaphragm" Part 9 "Tube Bearings" .
Our company has produced XZT100000~180000KN spherical bearings successively. Relevant specifications of spherical bearings have been successfully converted to complete domestic large and medium-sized bridges such as railway overpass projects, and the cast-in-place beams of the overpass are feasible for on-site construction.
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