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tension and compression ball bearings

tension and compression ball bearings

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First, the introduction of products

LYQZ pull pressure ball bearing is composed of a top plate, a bottom plate, aligning the slider, concave spherical liner, liner, spherical wear plate, flat wear plate, anti pull bolt, the upper and lower plates and other components. It has large displacement, large angle, and the tensile properties of the vertical function, suitable for cross river, cross Canyon, cross sea bridge project.

Two, product features

1) its spherical liner with hard chromium plating, it has high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, improves the performance of bearing;

2) the combined use of the anti pulling bolt and the upper and the lower pressure plate makes it have good vertical tensile properties, in order to overcome the need of the negative bending moment in Liang Tiduan's Department, so that the whole beam body is in line with the actual mechanical model;

3) wear resistant plate using modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, to meet the needs of the large carrying capacity also has a good wear resistance;

4) can be designed according to the requirements of the use of large displacement (800mm), large angle (0.04rad), to meet the needs of large displacement, large angle bridge;

5) adjust the center slider to balance the force balance, and avoid the phenomenon of "stuck dead".

Three, product application

LYQZ series of ball bearing to strictly enforce the technical conditions of People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 17955-2009< ball bearing ", also referring to the European Committee for Standardization Technical Committee CEN/TC 167 August 1993 promulgated draft structure support standard seventh" ball type and column type poly four vinyl fluoride bearing "and second" slide ", the British standard BS 5400< steel bridge, concrete bridge and bridge combined with the provisions of article ninth >" bridge bearings ".

Our company through independent research and development and production of YLQZ3500/600KN, 4000/1000KN, 5000/1000KN, 7500/750KN, 9000/1000KN, 20000/3000KN pull pressure ball bearing has been successfully applied to the Benghe bridge, Quanzhou Bay Bridge, Balinghe bridge, Aizhai bridge, Lanzhou city project, Guizhou Qingshui River bridge, Beng River Bridge and other large and medium-sized domestic bridge engineering.

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