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lead-core bearings

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First, product introduction

The lead rubber bearing is composed of upper and lower connecting plate, upper and lower sealing plate, a lead core rubber matrix composition, wherein the rubber matrix composite structure is adopted and the middle plate rubber vulcanization, its structure and general rubber bearing plate, lead and uniformly distributed in the middle part of the support. For the beam and the connecting plate and connected pier.

Two, bearing characteristics

The lead rubber bearing increased the lead core in the ordinary laminated rubber bearing and lead bearing vertical and horizontal bearing capacity, which lead to plastic deformation hysteretic damping, and improve resilience through the rubber, so that the bearing has good damping effect, damping, isolation effect. Has the advantages of simple structure, the management of maintenance and low cost.

Three, bearing application

LRB strictly implement standard rubber bearing "and related industries in People's Republic of China national standard GB/T20688-2007< bridge, at the same time according to the requirements of the lead rubber bearing and the development of European standard EN15129-2009< > the isolation device isolation bridge component products. To further optimize the design parameters and structure, comprehensive performance of the product obtained to further improve the application. The lead rubber bearing, promote the bridge technology progress in China, has become a main bearing type highway bridges in our country.

My company through the independent research and development of LRB (300~1220) type of anti - seismic isolation of lead rubber bearings, has been successfully applied to the Wanzhou project, Tibet sub - angle forest bridge and other domestic large and medium-sized bridge projects.

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