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High damping rubber bearings

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First, product introduction

High damping rubber bearing by upper and lower connecting plate, upper and lower sealing plate, composed of high damping rubber matrix, high damping rubber matrix with high damping rubber and vulcanized middle steel plate composite structure, its structure and general rubber plate bearing. Connecting plate and beam for body and abutment connection.

Two, bearing characteristics

1) the use of composite high performance rubber materials, with the carrying capacity, restoring force and damping (absorption of energy) Trinity function;

2) high damping rubber bearings have superior hysteretic characteristics, to the wind and large, medium and small earthquakes can play a role in isolation;

3) high damping rubber bearing to play the function of isolation, no need to configure other devices, so the cost of maintenance management is low;

4) high damping rubber bearing in the large earthquake, will not produce residual stress, and the characteristics of the change is very small, no need to replace;

5) the elastic properties and damping characteristics of the high damping rubber bearing are very small to the environmental temperature, and can be used in a wide range of fields;

Three, bearing application

High damping rubber rubber bearing the strict implementation of People's Republic of China transportation industry standard JT/T842-2012< highway bridge high damping rubber rubber bearing "and relevant industry standards, with reference to the isolation bridge component products of high damping rubber bearing requirements and the development of the European standard EN15129-2009< isolation device >, further optimization of the design parameters and structure, comprehensive use the performance of products has been further improved. Applicable to 9 degree earthquake intensity area of highway and municipal bridge.

Our company has successfully developed YLXZ type high damping rubber bearing vertical bearing capacity of 10000KN, used in Ganhaizi bridge. Technology has transformed with HDR (I), HDR (II) circular, rectangular type isolation high damping rubber bearing.

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ADD:No.99 Xinhuajiulu Road,Zone B,Xinjin Industrial Centralized Development District
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