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ball bearings for passenger dedicated railways

ball bearings for passenger dedicated railways

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First, the introduction of products

Railway passenger dedicated line ball bearing is composed of a top plate, bottom plate, spherical liner, spherical wear plate, planar wear plate, spherical stainless steel, polyurethane and dustproof device for its structure. With ordinary ball bearing, the bearing capacity for vertical bearing capacity of the level of 15%.

Two, product features

1) its spherical liner surface using spherical stainless steel plate welding technology, which has high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, improves the performance of bearing;

2) the bearing inherits the good performance of the ordinary ball type bearing, the environment temperature range of application (-40 C ~ +60 c c), can be widely used in the region;

3) wear resistant plate using modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, to meet the needs of the large carrying capacity also has a good wear resistance;

4) bearing sleeve, anchor bolt, anchor the complex alloy permeation plus zinc chromium coating, effectively improve the anticorrosion performance of embedded parts;

5) seat board top preset 0 per thousand to 20 per thousand in slope, in order to meet the needs of precast beam slope, simplifies the bearing installation and construction difficulty, improve construction efficiency, convenient for engineering quality control;

6) and stainless steel plate polyurethane dustproof device with the use of improved dustproof device aging resistance performance, avoid the support in the long-term use, the horizontal displacement, the plastic deformation occurs under the action of angular displacement, the middle plate and the pelvic space increased, environmental dust, moisture, corrosion will cause corrosion of gas into the pelvic cavity the phenomenon of bearing service life of corrosion and other effects.

7) one-way bearing sliding friction pair made of stainless steel and modified UHMWPE plate, good guiding and limiting performance, the orientation gap can be accurately controlled, to ensure the stability limit of beam orientation;

Three, product application

Passenger dedicated line ball type bearing the strict implementation of People's Republic of China railway bridge TB/T3320-2013< railway standard sphericalbearing > >, specification for seismic design of Railway Engineering GB50111-2006< and related industry standards developed bridge standard components of the products.

The Joint Design Institute of railway science technology company, has transformed with TJQZ-8160- (I, II, III), TJQZ-8360- (I, II, III) type railway bridge type ball bearing series, suitable for China's new, common span simply supported T beam expansion railway project.

The company obtained the CRCC certification of railway passenger dedicated line support, the specification of railway passenger dedicated line ball bearing has been through Luzhou railway project.

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ADD:No.99 Xinhuajiulu Road,Zone B,Xinjin Industrial Centralized Development District
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