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XQZ ball bearings

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First, the introduction of products

XQZ ball bearing is composed of a top plate, bottom plate, spherical liner, shear ring, spherical wear plate, flat wear plate, shear, shear pins, shear bolts, an inner dustproof device. Its structure and ordinary ball type bearing, bearing capacity for vertical bearing capacity level 15%.

Two, product features

1) its spherical liner with hard chromium plating, it has high wear resistance and low friction coefficient, improves the performance of bearing;

2) shear block, composite shear pin and shear bolts used in the design of more than horizontal bearing capacity, shear pin and shearing bolt is cut off, the one-way bearing into multi support, to avoid further damage to bearings, shock absorption, isolation, without support replace, reduce losses;

3) wear resistant plate using modified ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, to meet the needs of the large carrying capacity also has a good wear resistance;

4) the bearing inherits the good performance of the ordinary ball type bearing, it is not limited by the use of the environment temperature;

5) the rotation angle of the support vertical curve is 0.04rad, at the same time, the curve of the horizontal curve is 0.25rad, and the rotation is flexible;

6) use dustproof device, avoid the support in the long-term use, the horizontal displacement, the plastic deformation occurs under the action of angular displacement, the middle plate and the pelvic space increased, environmental dust, moisture, corrosion gas will cause corrosion into the pelvic cavity on the phenomenon of bearing service life of corrosion and other effects.

Three, product application

XQZ ball bearing to strictly enforce the technical conditions of People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 17955-2009< ball type bearing ", also referring to the European Committee for Standardization Technical Committee CEN/TC 167 August 1993 promulgated draft structure support standard seventh" ball type and column type PTFE bearing "and second" slide ", the British standard BS 5400< Bridge. Rules of concrete bridge and combined with bridge > ninth" bridge support ".

Our company through independent R & D and production of XQZ1500 ~ 75000KN spherical bearings. Has been successfully applied in Ningbo city project, Xuzhou Sanhuan project, the river bridge, the Chishui River Bridge, Beng River Bridge, Quanzhou Bay Bridge, Xiangjiang bridge, Nanjing bridge four, South to North Water Diversion Project, Tibet gold bridge, Dadu River project, Chong Kai Bridge, Guizhou Qingshui River bridge, Linyi double ridge elevated and other large and medium-sized domestic bridge engineering.

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ADD:No.99 Xinhuajiulu Road,Zone B,Xinjin Industrial Centralized Development District
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