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  The company took the lead in the industry in passing the ISO9001 quality system certification in 1997, and in 2004 successfully achieved the ISO9001-2000 certification. All products from developing, design, raw material procurement, manufacturing, materials storage and transportation, to after-sales services, the entire process is strictly in accordance with the regulations of the quality system documentations.

  The company has a sound quality supervision and inspection system. We now have 35 professional staff engaged in quality inspection and quality control, including five engineers, 8 physical and chemical testing personnel specialized in flaw detection, metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and other testing; each step is equipped with 22 inspection staff, with more than 700 measuring instruments. The company has a quality center, responsible for centralized quality management; it also has an test center and inspection stations, having formed a sound independent quality inspection system based on chemical analysis of raw materials, mechanical testing, flaw detection testing, metallurgical testing, raw materials, processes and final product testing. In the specific production management, the whole process from raw materials to finished products being shipped to the customer designated locations is strictly enforced in accordance with the regulations of the company's quality system documentations. In the measurement management, the company has achieved the measurement certificate issued by the Technical Supervision Bureau early in 1986 and established a complete measurement management system. In short, through constant practice and continuous improvement in recent years, the company has formed a sound quality assurance system.


ISO9001 Quality management system certification


Xinjin Tengzhong environment

Xinjin Tengzhong environment

Xinjin Tengzhong occupation

Xinjin Tengzhong occupation

Xinjin Tengzhong quality

Xinjin Tengzhong quality





CRCC Railway product certification


Pot bearing CRCC certification


Ball bearing CRCC certificate


Low retracting anchor with CRCC certification


Ordinary anchorage


Expansion Joint CRCC Certificate





CCPC Transport product certification


Transport product certification - plate bearing

Transport product certification - pot bearing

Transportation product certification - spherical bearing





Measurement standards


Metrological standard examination certificate

Metrological standard examination certificate

Metrological standard examination certificate

Metrological standard examination certificate

Metrological standard examination certificate

Certificate of measurement and measurement system

Metric Certificate of Authorization-1

Metric Certificate of Authorization-2


Support production license

Production License (positive)

Production license (Vice 1)

Production license (Vice 2