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  • Product name: QZ ball bearings
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QZ series of ball bearing is pot bearing rotation more flexible, can adapt to the curve bridge, bridge width, slope to bridge and long-span bridges. Fixed bearing and bearing the unidirectional orientation anisotropy of horizontal bearing capacity for vertical bearing capacity of 10%.

QZ series of ball bearing to strictly enforce the technical conditions of People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 17955-2009< ball bearing ", also referring to the European Committee for Standardization Technical Committee CEN/TC 167 August 1993 promulgated draft structure support standard seventh" ball type and column type poly four vinyl fluoride bearing "and second" slide ", the British standard BS 5400< steel bridge, concrete bridge and bridge combined with the provisions of article ninth >" bridge bearings ".

The company production of QZ (1000 ~ 30000) KN ball bearing has been successfully applied in Ningbo city project, Xuzhou Sanhuan project, the river bridge, the Chishui River Bridge, Beng River Bridge, Xiangjiang bridge, Nanjing bridge four, South to North Water Diversion Project, Tibet gold bridge, Dadu River project, Chongqi bridge, Linyi double ridge elevated other large and medium-sized domestic bridge engineering.