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  • Product name: SSFM modular bridge expansion and contraction installation
  • Product number: b03
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SSFM modular expansion device main structure according to SSFC series expansion device, supported by the supporting beam beam steel under vehicle loads, beams and beams, the flexible connection between the beam and the side support box adopts applied pre pressure;

Telescopic device on both sides also used in steel, and with the support of the box cover are welded together between the cover plate and the box body is supported by bolts, maintenance only need to remove each module connecting bolts and connecting plate girder supporting box, all parts except the expansion device shell is detachable box;

After the main parts of the retractable device is evacuated and installed, it can be quickly and thoroughly repaired. If necessary, the device can be used to quickly repair the damaged telescopic device, and the traffic can be recovered in a short time.

In the lane (standard lane width 3.75m) as the unit of modular design, expansion device arranged in a module within a lane, there is conducive to the mass production of products, can achieve rapid maintenance and replacement in only one lane closed the case.

The road traffic and vehicle load distribution is different in each lane, more concentrated also exist in the vehicle load distribution in one driveway, with lane as the unit of modular design, convenient for structure optimization design of the heavy and heavy Lane site. Modular design, can realize batch production. To reduce the production cost.