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  • Product name: Laminated rubber bearings
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The rubber bearing of highway plate sulfide by combination of intermediate plate and rubber rubber, energy absorption, energy full play the role of bearing capacity advantages, shock isolation, obvious effect, convenient maintenance, replacement, to meet the demands of the corner under the bridge, the economic benefit is remarkable. The application of laminated rubber bearing, promote the bridge technology in China progress, it has become a type of support medium and small span highway of our country mainly.

The rubber bearing of highway plate series of provisions to strictly enforce the People's Republic of China traffic industry standard JT/T4-2004< highway bridge plate rubber bearing and JT/T663-2006< > highway bridge plate rubber bearing specifications series >. The product in summing up the past all kinds of rubber bearing design, manufacture and application of the experience, to further optimize the design parameters and structure, comprehensive performance of the products has been further improved.

The company produces GYZF4, GJZF4 series of plate rubber support project in Wanzhou, Ganhaizi bridge, Tibet bridge Jiao Lin, Yang left high-speed, Quanzhou airport project, four Nanjing bridge, South to North Water Diversion Project, Lanzhou city project, Guangzhou Xinhua project, project soubre hydropower station project in Sri Lanka, using a large number of Vietnamese Bei Sidan project such as domestic large and medium-sized bridge engineering.