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JPZ pot-type rubber bearings

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First, the introduction of products

JPZ type pot rubber bearing consists of an upper base plate, a bottom plate, the middle plate, rubber bearing plate, copper seal, rubber seals, PTFE, SF-1B composite plate, stainless steel plate, etc. according to the guide bearing of vertical bearing capacity is divided into 0.8MN to 60MN a total of 31 specifications, and the structure of the common basin rubber bearing structure, increased rail assembly has a good guiding and limiting performance.

Two, product features

1 the pressure rubber plate in the bottom of the basin is in a three phase constraint state, the energy absorption of the rubber, the energy dissipation function is fully played, and has the advantages of large bearing capacity, shock absorption, and obvious isolation effect;

2) the rotation angle of the support vertical curve is 0.02rad, and at the same time, the rotation of the horizontal curve is flexible;

3) one-way movable bearing, increasing the guide rail component, has good guide and limit performance, overcome the common basin type support both sides of the "card dead" phenomenon;

4) due to the structure of the center guide to avoid the "death" phenomenon, so the orientation gap can be precisely controlled to ensure the stability limit of beam orientation;

5) under the seat plate anchor plate welded structure, in order to meet the requirements of the level of stiffness, reducing the amount of just now, the economic efficiency is remarkable;

6) bearing friction coefficient is less than 0.03, with the use of lubricating grease, which greatly improves the bearing life;

7) ambient temperature range of application (-40 C ~ +60 C), can be widely used in the region.

Three, product application

JPZ type basin type rubber bearing series of strict implementation of People's Republic of China transportation industry standard JT/T 391-2009< highway bridge basin type rubber bearing bridge > standards developed by the European standard EN1337.5-2005 component products and related industry standards.

My company's technology is transformed into JPZ (I), JPZ (II) basin type rubber series bearings. Suitable for all types of highway, road and rail transport bridge.

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ADD:No.99 Xinhuajiulu Road,Zone B,Xinjin Industrial Centralized Development District
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