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Corporate injury prevention training

Number of visits: Date:2018-06-21

  In order to further improve the workers' awareness of safety production, reduce the occurrence of accidents in the actual work and do a good job in the prevention of industrial injuries, the company invited experts from the Guangdong rehabilitation center to teach workers for safety production and prevention of industrial injuries.

  On the afternoon of June 13, 2018, in the two building conference room of the company, director Luo Wenhuan of Guangdong provincial rehabilitation center, with the theme of "warning & Responsibility & Prevention", explained the relevant knowledge of safety production and industrial injury prevention in detail and vividly. The cause and cost of the accident, as the responsibility of the social people, and how to improve the ability of the staff to check the hidden danger, the training scene is active and the workers and workers actively participate.

  Through this training, the workers' awareness and prevention of workers' injuries are effectively improved, and a "firewall" in the mind is built up in ideological consciousness, which has laid a good foundation for the further reduction of industrial injury and the prevention of industrial injuries.


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