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The company has successfully passed the three grade acceptance test for the standardization of safety production

Number of visits: Date:2018-03-14

  November 13, 2017 Chengdu city safety science and Technology Service Center commissioned by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of safe production supervision and administration, set up the evaluation group composed of experts and technical personnel of standardization of production safety, in accordance with the "enterprise safety and quality standards of evaluation standard of mechanical manufacturing" Xinjin Tengzhong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. production safety standard (level three). The work of a comprehensive and practical on-site inspection, examination and evaluation.

  The assessment team, through one day's intense work, and at the last meeting of the afternoon, all members of the evaluation group highly appraised the effect achieved by Tengzhong's safety production standardization construction, and also put forward good suggestions and suggestions for further improving the level of standardization management. The meeting leader read comments: evaluation appraisal evaluation group according to the evaluation standard, the proton in the safety production standardization construction and occupation health infrastructure was carried out one by one, itemized appraisal and acceptance, evaluation result accords with the three level of safety production standardization and occupation health foundation construction site acceptance requirements, comply with safety production Standardization (three) compliance conditions. In December 28, 2017, the Chengdu Bureau of safety production supervision and Administration issued a standardized certificate of standard for safety production (level three) to Tengzhong company.

  Company safety standardization (level three), the adoption of enterprise evaluation is the affirmation of the company's early stage safety production, which shows that the safety production management of enterprises has reached a new stage. The company will take this as an opportunity to continuously improve the safety management system and safety production long-term mechanism, strengthen the construction of emergency system of safety production, to carry out a comprehensive safety standard of chemical industry as the carrier, to promote the management of production safety to safety production standard (level two) into the unit.


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