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Organize staff physical examination and care for employee health

Number of visits: Date:2017-06-29

  In order to ensure the health of employees of the company, to establish harmonious and stable labor relations, according to the company's 2017 employee health insurance plans and occupation health and safety management system requirements, in June 21, 22, 27, the company invited Sichuan Huanya Kang Hong health management company limited to carry out health examination for three days for all workers.

  The health examination is divided into two categories, one for the occupation disease examination, mainly for exposed positions, include: electrocardiogram, blood test, urine test, chest X-ray, pulmonary activity, dust and noise; two is the normal health examination, mainly for non exposed staff, projects include: the liver and kidney function, blood glucose and blood lipid, ultrasound, ECG, chest X-ray and other projects. According to the detailed examination plan and work plan formulated in the earlier stage, the physical examination work is carried out in an orderly way. Huanya Concordia medical doctors also provide health counseling for workers, let the workers know how to carry on the scientific protection, occupation disease.

  For a long time, the company will always care for the health of workers as an important task for enterprises to grasp, while strengthening the safety protection, safety education propaganda, continue to intensify efforts to implement the occupation health system, and established a perfect employee health records, health life to build a security barrier to work, for the employees. By carrying out health examination for employees, so that every employee on their own health to "know", truly achieve the early diagnosis and treatment of disease, disease free early prevention, enable employees to establish the correct concept of health, improve health awareness, to ensure that every employee in a healthy body and a positive attitude into work and meet the new challenges and contribute to the development of the company.


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