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The company convened the 2017 annual summing up conference

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In order to cultivate and inspire the collective sense of honor and sense of mission of the staff, and continuously enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the staff team,Summing up the past

The company convened the 2017 annual summing up conference

In order to cultivate and inspire the collective sense of honor and sense of mission of the staff, and continuously enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the staff team,Summing up the past and opening up the future,in February 2, 2018, the company held the 2017 annual commendation conference in Minjiang garden, Xinjin, Chengdu. The company's party secretary and chairman Yang Yi, general manager Guo Kaishu, deputy general manager Xie Xiaolin, Zou Li, technical director Geng forward, chief financial officer Tan Changwen, and nearly 500 employees of the company participated in the conference. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Xie Xiaolin, the deputy general manager of the company.

At the meeting, the general manager of the company, comrade Guo Kaishu, made a report on the work of the year 2017. It reports five parts of product technology R & D, product marketing, product manufacturing, internal management of enterprises and the work of 2018. The report is true and detailed, for example, it is fully affirmed in the production and operation of the steady development, and also points out the existing problems. Guo pointed out that in 2017, Xinjin Tengzhong to "unity, enterprising, development" spirit is guidance, firmly grasp the internal management, market sales, contract performance, the annual operating principles, revitalize the stock and maintain the stability of the courage to open up, forge ahead in unity, laid the foundation for the annual business indicators to achieve substantial growth, and the emergence of a large number of solid work, unity and enterprising, dedication, diligent and outstanding staff of advanced collective. In 2018, the company will take the market marketing, technology innovation strategy, pay close attention to product quality, strengthen internal management, focus on the annual production and management objectives, unite as one, forge ahead, and strive to achieve product sales, product development and new breakthrough, the operating results achieved new breakthroughs, creating a new situation in the steady development of Xinjin tengzhong.

At the meeting, comrade Yang Yi, the Secretary of the Party committee of the company and chairman of the chairman of the company made a summary speech. Yang is the first to express our sincere thanks to all the employees and their family members who have made a great contribution to the production and operation of the company in a year. Yang pointed out that in 2017 the company facing perplexing business environment still maintain a high level of growth, this is really not easily won, the crystallization of staff for their hard work, which shows that our staff team in difficulties and challenges, the face of responsibility is a sense of responsibility and courage to play, a sense of responsibility, courage and dedication of the staff team. On the new year's work, Yang put forward some hope: hope is in production management (especially the adjustment of product structure) can be a fundamental change; the two is hoping for a breakthrough in the business index, the total scale; three is to appear with strategic and core competitiveness of the products in the product specifications and varieties; the four is to work, especially in the existing planning, related to the survival of the project on a breakthrough; five is the hope that the coming year will have training and outstanding staff and more advanced collective, able to share more joy. Yang finally called on all staff in the new year on the unite and work together, struggle of one heart and one mind, to achieve Xinjin Tengzhong steady development goals.

The 9 outstanding employees recognized by the conference came from the various fronts of the company. Have rich experience, dedication, heavy responsibilities of the management staff, have a day in customer service, and strive to forge ahead, strive for the order of the marketing staff, has the dedication, down-to-earth, skilled front-line operators. The commendation has set a learning example for the vast number of employees in the company. It has encouraged the work enthusiasm of the staff and strengthened the cohesion of enterprises, and further stimulated the enthusiasm of all staff in the new year to make greater contributions to the company's business development.

At the meeting, comrade Shen Da, an outstanding employee who was awarded the commendation, made a statement on behalf of the award-winning staff.